Burford Town Council Pavilion Report 2021/22

Town Council Reports 2021/22 Uploaded on April 11, 2022


With the pavilion being in good order we are ready to take any party bookings for children during the next season. The pavilion is suitable for hire at any time of the year especially as we now have a designated footpath (Swinnerton walk) from the car park to the pavilion building.

During the warmer months there is a barbecue pit and outside benches on the southside of the building… The children’s playground is just 100 yards away to the east of the pavilion which is ideal for children’s party events. A fully fitted kitchen and lavatories too…

Burford town council has a strict no alcohol policy on the building so ideal for children’s events…

During the last year we have had regular use from the Clanfield football team who have matches at weekends and practice nights mid-week…Also Burford church youth club have had events and, of course this year 2022 we will host a children’s party in the recreation ground for the Burford festival in June.

The pavilion remains in good condition and watertight… With an excellent central heating system if required.

Michael Taubenheim (chairman)