Burford Town Council Cemetery and Environmental Report 2021/22

Town Council Reports 2021/22 Uploaded on April 11, 2022

Cemetery Report 2021/22

The cemetery is looking good now with all the spring flowers out; it runs smoothly. We do have to constantly maintain the drystone walls due to their age. A new wooden signpost to the cemetery has been installed on the road.

Town Maintenance report 2021/22

In the last year we have had OCC replace the western High Street pavement to make it safe. Potholes are still a problem. They do get reported to OCC, but we have to wait for them to be inspected, and then another wait in turn until they are repaired.We have installed new seats on the west side of The Hill, and on Church Green which have been kindly donated to the town.The Burford and Kingham Rotary Club have planted more purple crocuses on each side of The Hill.