Coles Field………AGAIN!

Cole’s Field…………….AGAIN!

In 2018 we defeated a proposal by Carterton Construction Ltd to build 70 “dwellings” on Cole’s Field (technically known as “land East of Barns Lane”). The principal factor in this famous victory was the over 700 objections lodged with WODC, 695 of which were from you – residents of and visitors to Burford.

We are now faced with a new developer, generically called “Greystoke”, which has applied for outline planning permission for 173 “dwellings” comprising 141 assisted extra care units and 32 affordable housing units. Ignoring Greystoke’s jargon, we are talking about one enormous care home and 32 houses. 100 more“dwellings than the rejected Carterton Construction proposal! Burford Town Council strongly and unanimously believes that the Greystoke plans would cause immense damage to the Town and its surroundings and will oppose them by every means in its power.

If you wish to make your feelings known, please email the WODC Case Officer at or write to her at West Oxfordshire District Council, Elmfield, New Yatt Road, Witney OX28 1PB. Things you might consider are:-

  • Development rejected in 2018 – nothing has changed.
  • Shilton Road development being built and will have 45 affordable dwellings, 59 assisted living dwellings and a 64 bed care home – no need for more.
  • Gross invasion and degradation of AONB and Conservation Area.
  • Infrastructure can’t cope – schools over full, raw sewage being pumped into the Windrush because no capacity in treatment works, narrow country lanes can’t take the traffic, primary care (surgery) already overloaded.
  • No available care workers in Burford – staff would have to be shipped in which, with the other vehicles used by residents of properties on the site, would increase the traffic chaos.
  • Adverse impact on views, listed buildings, car parking and road safety – particularly Witney Street, Wysdom Way and Barns Lane.
  • Opening up Wysdom Way will turn Frethern into a cut through from the A40.
  • Destruction of Burford’s unique character.

You don’t have to mention all of them. Just chose the ones you think are most important, and add the ones we haven’t thought of, all in your own words and, before 28th July, fire it off!

Burford Town Council

July 2021

To view the planning application and to comment online, please go to